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The best place for a child to stay and grow is in the family with her parents. But not every child is so fortunate as to have both parents. Some children lose both or one of the parents, often the father. A child may be father-less due to death of father, divorce of parents, their separation or father gone missing. In some cases child is under a step-father or step-mother. In such cases, there is presence of or danger of child-abuse. In addition to these factors, some children are part of families with acute poverty or dwell in slums where drug filthy environment, abuse, immorality, drug abuse and crime are prevalent. Children, especially girls, are highly unsafe in such situations.
Dar-E-Arqam Girls’ Hostel offers safe shelter to girls coming from all the situations mentioned above. The age-group of girls given shelter is 6 years to 18 years. At age 6, a child can take care of her basic hygiene and 18 years is a marriageable age in India. By that age, a girl can easily complete her higher secondary education.

Admission Process:

Both or one of the parents can apply for the admission of child. If both parents are dead or unavailable, close relatives such as uncle, aunty or grand-parents may apply as guardians. The applicant needs to visit the office of Project Coordinator at the Hostel with the child and relevant documents. The Project Coordinator interviews the applicant and child, examines the documents, and explains facilities as well as rules and regulations. The applicant may come back with complete documentation and basic admission kit (daily wear clothes, foot wear and beddings etc.). At this stage, admission form is filled and signed, documents are submitted and basic rules and regulations re-explained by the Project Coordinator and the child is taken into the shelter facility.

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