Dar-E-Arqam Education Charitable Trust is a non-governmental organisation established for welfare of deprived sections of the society. Although our projects serve children, youth and elderly people as well, special focus is given to women. Our projects include girls’ Hostel, English school, Maktab, Tailoring class for women, Mahendi class for women, free water supply to labour camp, free oxygen concentrator machines to Covid affected patients, free ration kits to lock-down affected families, anti-begging campaign, education promotion campaign, so on and so forth.

The Hostel

Dare Arqam Girls’ Hostel is one of the two flag ship projects being run at Shivneri Nagar area of Kondhwa, Pune. The area is dominated by economically backward families. Rather, the Pune city has many such localities of urban poor and migrant families. Numbers of workplace mishaps, accidents, and drug abuse is comparatively high in such area. The immediate consequence is deaths, divorces, separations acute poverty and crime. Children, especially the girl child, is highly unsafe in such situations.
In view of the above conditions, the founder thought it necessary to establish a centre where young girls may be given safe shelter, quality education and encouraging environment to counter ill effects of harmful influences predominant in the locality.


It was in year 2014 that a young teacher from Vidarbh (Maharashtra) with little experience but abundance of courage and vivid dreams dared to establish this girls’ Hostel along with an English medium school and Urdu medium school. The Hostel, like school, started from a couple of rented rooms. He was helped by his wife, also a teacher, and a hard working team. Over the years, the Hostel and school flourished and now there is a small building owned by the Trust for lodging small girls of single or no parents. The Hostel is currently accommodating 60 girls in total.
The requests for new admissions into Hostel has increased many fold due to casualties during Covid pandemic and consequent increase in poverty. In view of this situation, the Trust has decided to buy a plot to develop a bigger facility to meet the requirement of the community. In fact, a deal.


We aspire to raise a new generation of sensitive, sensible, and responsible citizens who would contribute in creating a society based on principals of peace, justice and harmony.


Our aim is to establish a centre of knowledge, research and development where every human soul would find real and sustainable solution to its needs and problems, ample and free space to explore its potentials and a sea of opportunities to grow and contribute to the welfare of society and human kind.

Motto Our aim is success in both the worlds.



Prayer Hall

Bridge Class Room

Vocational Training Room

Training Kitchen Room

Personal Locker Room

Van Service

Parent's Meeting Room

Computer class

Robotic class

IT Olympiad

Management Committee:

Qudratullah Baig Kalimullah Baig


Shafaq Ambari Qudratullah Baig

Secretary and Principal

Kashif Ahmed Zahiruddin Shaikh


Founder’s Message

Dar-E-Arqam was founded with a goal to establish a centre where weaker sections of the community like children and women would find safe shelter to survive and education to develop. We believe in securing the worldly success without sacrificing the prospects of life hereafter. It gives us immense pleasure that Dar-E-Arqam is successfully running an Hostel for small and teenage girls apart from an English school for economically weaker section of the society. Encouraged by this success, we are moving towards our next goals of Boys’ Hostel, Working Women’s Home and Old-Age Home, so on and so forth.

Secretary’s Message

I represent an institution which is giving education not only for this world but also for the hereafter. We are making students aware of the worldly challenges and trying to make them strong enough to face them. We are providing them best education possible. We believe in the statement that “Nothing is impossible because the very word impossible says that i-m-possible.”

Happy to help you

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Shivneri Nagar, Lane No. 12
Kondhwa Khurd, Pune - 411048